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Seasoning oil is a natural oil for seasoning cast iron and carbon steel pans. It is a healthy alternative to pans with synthetic non-stick coating. And this natural non-stick coating only gets better when you use a cast iron or carbon steel pan a lot.

How is the natural non-stick coating created?

Exposing the seasoning oil to high temperatures breaks down long chains of fat molecules into short-chain polymers that bind with naturally produced carbon and bright iron. This creates a kind of glaze in your pan: the natural non-stick coating.

Why do you season a pan with oil?

Seasoning a pan with oil is a process in which oil is burned into the pores of the metal to create a natural non-stick coating. This non-stick coating ensures dishes do not stick in the pan. Compared to a synthetic non-stick coating, a pan with a natural non-stick coating will last a lifetime. This is because you can reinforce non-stick coating each time the layer has deteriorated. You will have to replace a pan with a damaged synthetic non-stick coating. Otherwise, you get toxins, such as PTFE and PFOA, in your food. And you don't want that.

Using seasoning oil

When you use a pan with a seasoning oil, the natural non-stick coating only improves with cooking. When you notice the non-stick coating deteriorating, you can also re-coat a pan with the seasoning oil. For this, the pan must be properly cleaned. The oil can be rubbed onto the pan and then you season it in on the cooker or in the oven and the new natural non-stick coating is created. In our blog you can read 10 steps for seasoning a cast iron or carbon steel pan.