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  • Strong, can take a beating
  • Extremely sharp due to small sharpening angle
  • Forged in one piece, with good balance

A good addition to your kitchen equipment

We call it 'the holy-smoke moment', that first time you cut through something with a really good knife. It's so smooth that you never want to have to fiddle with cheap blunt knives again. Our knives are made from the best steel from Japan and are extremely sharp. This is not only easier, but because a blunt knife slips faster, it is also a lot safer. The handle is made of Spanish Kotibé wood, which does hold quite nicely. Like all our products, our knives are super strong and an extremely aesthetically pleasing addition to your kitchen equipment. So, get one of those Skottsberg knives too and cut yourself happy (Well, not quite literally of course)!

We have three different knives that will make your chef's heartbeat go faster. No cutting task is impossible for the two all-round chef's knives: cut through meat, fish, and vegetables with ease. Or cut your herbs finer. We have one with a 15-centimetre blade and one that is even bigger, with a 20-centimetre blade. We also have the perfect Santuko knife for you: indispensable if you really want to go all out in the kitchen. Santuko means 'three virtues', because its primary purpose is to do three things: slice, dice, and chop. By the way, don't throw our knives in the dishwasher because that really doesn't make them any nicer. You will discover more maintenance tips for your Skottsberg knife here.

All our knives come in a nice storage box. That also makes it rather nice to give it as a gift.