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Carbon Steel Cookware

  • Heats up quickly
  • The hollow handle does not get hot easily
  • You can restore the patina layer

Cook like a chef with our indestructible carbon steel pans

A little simmer. A pinch of this and a dash of that. Stir, turn over. A sip of wine in between. A chat with your guests. Stirring again, turning over. Cooking is relaxed with our carbon steel pans. Because whatever you prepare, with our Carbon Steel Cookware it will be a special dish. This pan belongs in the kitchen of anyone who feels like getting down to business. And even if you're not an experienced cook yet, you can't really go wrong with this pan.

Carbon Steel Skottsberg Frying pan Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel
Skottsberg Frying pan Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel Skottsberg Wok Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel
Skottsberg Wok Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel Skottsberg Paella pan Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel
Skottsberg Paella pan Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel Skottsberg Crêpe pan Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel
Skottsberg Crêpe pan Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel Skottsberg Wadjan Carbon Steel
Carbon Steel
Skottsberg Wadjan Carbon Steel

Choose durability and quality

Do you cook with Skottsberg? Then, you cook without harmful substances. This is because our carbon steel pans have a natural non-stick coating. When you choose Skottsberg, you choose durable pans that guarantee a lifetime of cooking pleasure.

Improve your bbq skills in style

Carbon steel pans tolerate high temperatures well, making them ideal for the barbecue and open fire. Whether you prepare vegetables, fish or meat: everything will be tastier thanks to these super pans.

Suitable for induction?

Absolutely. But don't set your induction hob too high. If you want to move your carbon steel pan, always lift it and don't slide it. That way, your induction hob will also stay in good condition.

Delicious oven dishes

Are you preparing a dish in the oven? That is also no problem for these kitchen heroes. First, fry the dish in the carbon steel pan on the hob for a while before letting it cook in the oven.

Choose a lifetime of cooking pleasure with a carbon steel pan

Our carbon steel pans are high-quality and virtually indestructible. Therefore, we can confidently say that they will last a lifetime. And we underline this with a lifetime guarantee on all our pans.

Suitable for metal kitchen utensils
Resistant natural non-stick coating
Retains heat well
Suitable for open flame
Comparing pans
SeriesCarbon Steel Cookware
MaterialCarbon steel
Type, size and weightFrying pan Ø 20 cm - 0.88 kg
Frying pan Ø 24 cm - 1.15 kg
Frying pan Ø 28 cm - 1.54 kg
Wok Ø 24 cm - 1.28 kg
Wok Ø 28 cm - 1.59 kg
Wadjan Ø 34 cm - 2.13 kg
Paella pan Ø 38 cm - 2.64 kg
Crêpe pan Ø 28 cm - 1.4 kg
Lifetime warrantyYes
Natural non-stickYes
Pre-seasonedYes, twice.
Ready to use right out of the boxYes
Can you season the pan?Yes
Reaches temperature fast     
Retains heat     
Even heat distribution     
Good resistance to acids     
Suitable for heat sourcesBarbecue, gas, ceramic, halogen, induction, oven, open fire

Recommended by real cooking enthusiasts

Cooking enthusiasts

"The Carbon Steel pans from Skottsberg are something I can't live without in my kitchen! Durable and high-quality. Provided you apply the proper maintenance, you will have pans for life, and you can find those maintenance tips & tricks on their website. After months of intensive use, my fried egg still glides nicely through the pan, and my reverse-sear sirloin steaks get that perfect crust! Highly recommended."

More information on carbon steel pans
What should you do before first use? 

Almost nothing: your carbon steel pan has already been prepared at the factory. Thanks to being seasoned with vegetable oil, you can use it straight away in the kitchen. All you need to do is rinse it briefly with hot water and run a dish brush through it to be sure. Definitely make sure not to put it in the dishwasher! You will discover more about the first use of your carbon steel pan here.

How do you cook with a carbon steel pan? 

Even though you may consider yourself a kitchen expert, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when cooking with a carbon steel pan. For example, did you know that it is important to let your meat come to room temperature? And that you should let the heat source warm up properly first to avoid thermal shock? Exactly, we suspected as much. So check out our tips and tricks tricks for cooking with a carbon steel pan.

How do you maintain a carbon steel pan? 

Want to stay friends with your carbon steel pan? Then give it some much-needed love. Also after cooking. Because when you take good care of your carbon steel pan, it will last you a lifetime. So discover everything you want to know about your carbon steel pan after cooking in our blog.

How do you clean a carbon steel pan? 

Big tip: don't put your carbon steel pan in the dishwasher! That will not make your pan happy. A hand wash does wonders for your pan and your mutual friendship. You will discover more cleaning tips for your carbon steel pan here.

How do you re-season a carbon steel pan? 

Re-season your carbon steel pan every now and then to extend its life. This is easily done in the oven, but can also be done simply on the hob. For this, all you need is a bottle of seasoning oil, a little patience and these 7 simple steps to re-season your carbon steel pan.

How do you remove rust from a carbon steel pan? 

Rust in your carbon steel pan? It can happen to the best of us. But rest assured: you can remove rust spots easily with 4 simple steps.