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Everything you need to know about your Skottsberg pan after cooking

15 Nov 2023
Can my pan go in the dishwasher?

Perhaps one of the most important questions you're left with. Because everyone likes convenience, right? Still, we have to disappoint you if you own a cast iron or carbon steel. It's better not to put these in the dishwasher. A stainless steel pan, on the other hand, can be put in the dishwasher. But it is better for the life of your pan to wash it by hand. Curious about all the cleaning tips for each series?

Tips for cleaning your cast-iron pan
You now know that you should never put a cast iron pan in the dishwasher. It is also not wise to use a lot of detergent during the cleaning after cooking. Why? The acid from detergent affects the patina layer of your pan and can even cause rusting. Still need help with some caked-on food scraps? Then, a scrub mat is your new friend. Discover more tips for cleaning your cast iron pan in our blog article.

This is how to clean your carbon steel pan
With a carbon steel pan, the same applies as with a cast iron pan: never put it in the dishwasher and preferably do not use detergent. This actually affects the natural non-stick coating of your pan. Do use a scrub mat or potato as a sponge to remove caked-on food residue from your carbon steel pan. Curious about more cleaning tips? Read more here.

How do you clean a stainless steel pan?
Don't like washing dishes? Then you're in luck. Just put a stainless steel pan in the dishwasher. Still, it is better for its longevity to wash it by hand every now and then. You do this with warm water, a dishwashing brush or a scratch-free scouring pad. Discover more cleaning tips for your stainless steel pan in our blog.

My pan is nice and clean again. But how do I store it?

It is best to store your pan in a dry place. And if you store a pan with the lid on, put a paper kitchen towel in between. Then air can circulate and your pan will stay nice longer. Read our blog article for more maintenance tips for your Skottsberg pan.

Help, my pan suffers from bad smells

Sometimes, you can scrub your pan until you are blue in the face, but a nasty smell lingers. Bad smells in your pan often arise when you have used fish or other strong-smelling ingredients. You can easily remove this nasty smell by adding a little salt to your pan and heating it until it is hot. Easy, isn't it?

That's a bit of a scare: my pan has rust spots

Don't panic: it happens to the best of us sometimes. After all, a little rust in your Skottsberg pan can't hurt. But prevention is always better than cure. In our blog article, you will discover in 4 steps how to remove rust and tips on how to prevent rust in your pan.

Extend the life of your pan

With a Skottsberg pan, you can be sure you have a pan for life. Why? That cast iron or carbon steel pan you have in front of you has a natural non-stick coating. Unlike a pan with a synthetic non-stick coating, you can restore a Skottsberg pan every time. Accidentally caused some scratches with a metal kitchen tool? No problem. With a bottle of burn-in oil an oven or cooker and a bit of patience, you can give your pan a new natural protective coating. Want to know how to do this? Check out our blog article on seasoning a cast iron or carbon steel pan.

Note: never season a stainless steel pan!