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Serving- & Cutting boards

  • Can be used on both sides
  • Fitted on one side with a sap channel with reservoir
  • Two hygienic milled handles

Impress your friends with the ultimate serving platter or cuttingboard

No matter how many delicious sausages and cheeses you've stocked for drinks, it's not until you serve them up that the party really gets started. Our Wood Works serving boards are made of wood from the longan fruit tree. They grow fruits that look a bit like lychees. But when the tree no longer produces fruit, it is normally cut down and made into charcoal. We think that is a shame. Because that wood looks fantastic.

Do you want to destroy this plank? You can't. Because they are sawn in one piece, not glued and therefore extremely strong. We would also like to point out that no two boards are the same. Your board is unmistakably your board. We also don't like to saw nice and crooked things straight, so you can clearly see from the shape of your board that it was once a beautiful tree.

And let us not forget to talk about the oil with which this board was treated right after sawing. This is the same oil that was used thousands of years ago in China to make wood for ships water-repellent. Don't worry: this oil is purely natural and does not taste like a ship. Another good thing: handles have been milled into the sides. This allows you to lift them with ease throughout the garden. You will discover more maintenance tips for your Wood Works plank here.

All in all: a delicious board to serve tasty things on and make your guests jealous.

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