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What is end grain wood?

14 Jun 2023

Our Wood Works chopping boards are made from end grain wood. But what does that actually mean? In end grain wood, the wood fibres are perpendicular to the cut surface and not parallel as in ordinary cut surfaces. The end surface is what you normally see on the outside of a board. End grain boards are made by cutting a piece of wood into blocks, and gluing these blocks back together with the ends facing up. This end side thus forms the surface of the chopping board, creating a checkerboard pattern.

Why end grain?

Professional chefs prefer to use end grain chopping boards and there are a number of reasons for this. End grain wood is sturdy and durable, does not warp easily and your knives will stay sharp for longer. Another advantage of end grain wood is that it hides knife marks.It hides knife marks because this wood has self-healing properties. When the knife makes contact with the surface of the chopping board, it cuts between the fibres. The fibres close again when the knife is lifted. As the vertical fibres recoil, the chopping board and knife will wear out less quickly, unlike other types of wood.