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How do I maintain my Wood Works board?

21 Jun 2023

That great serving or chopping board you have in front of you, we have already treated it in the sawmill with two coats of Tung oil. This allows you to use it right away. Nice of us, right? The oil is deeply soaked into the wood, making the board water-repellent and super strong. Want to keep your board as beautiful as when it was first used? Then maintain it well and give it a new protective coat with Tung oil every now and then.

Cleaning tip for your Wood Works board

You used that great Wood Works serving or chopping board. But now it is really time to clean it. Probably not the most fun job in the kitchen. Still, it has to be done. But how? Hold your board under the tap with warm water and clean it with a brush or sponge. Leave the washing-up liquid in your kitchen cupboard. You don't need it to clean your serving or chopping board. Then set your board down standing to dry thoroughly. Easy isn't it?

Give your board a new protective coating

Watch the video below to see how David refinishes the Skottsberg serving board with Tung oil. Or scroll down and check out the 5 steps right away to provide your Wood Works serving or cutting board with a fresh protective layer

5 steps for a brand-new serving or cutting board

If you have been using your board for a while, it is wise to give it a new protective coating. Follow the steps below and your board will be like new again!

Step 1. Sanding 

Lightly sand the surface of the board and then dust it.

Step 2. Rubbing 

Take a lint-free cloth and rub the oil on the board. Preferably wear protective gloves when doing so.

Step 3. Repeating 

Remove the excess oil, wait an hour and repeat the rubbing. When doing this, make sure you really leave a very thin layer of oil. Otherwise, your board will stick and you don't want that.

Step 4. Waiting 

The board needs to dry well. This takes a few hours, but leave it for a day to be sure.

Step 5. Oil storage 

Tung oil dries out when in contact with oxygen. Therefore, seal the bottle very tightly and store it in a dark place.

Free bonus tip for using your Skottsberg board

With the above tips, you will keep your serving or chopping board as beautiful as when it was first used. Do we have another tip? Well, go ahead. The wood of your serving or chopping board may warp after a while. But rest assured. This is normal. Still, cutting on your board or shifting it may be different from the first use. Place a damp tea towel underneath to prevent shifting.