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How do you clean a stainless steel pan?

8 May 2023

Do you own a stainless steel pan? Then you're in luck! You can put this pan in the dishwasher quickly and easily after use. Make sure you rinse it with carbonated spring water after taking it out of the dishwasher and dry it immediately. This will prevent annoying water stains. However, to prolong the life of your pan, we do recommend hand-washing your stainless steel pan, just like cast iron and carbon steel pans. That way, you also have a great time with your pan after cooking. Want to know how to do this? Read our 5 handy tips.

Above all, what should you not do?

Before we give you our 5 tips on how to clean your pan, it is wise to first read about what not to do above all else. This way, you avoid mistakes and your pan stays great for longer.

Fault 1. Thermal shock

Never put your hot pan directly under or in cold water. This may cause it to warp. And you don't want that. Instead, always let it cool down slowly before cleaning it.

Fault 2. Persistent cleaning

Above all, do not use a scouring pad. Although you can get rid of caked-on residue well with them, they cause scratches on your pan.

Fault 3. Cleaning agent

Never use ammonia or bleach. These products react with the metal, which can cause it to rust.

Fault 4. Air drying

Don't let your stainless steel pan air dry. This may cause water spots. Ideally, dry your pan by hand. Well, using a tea towel. You understand.

Here's how to clean your stainless steel pan

So, now you know what not to do. Curious about the right approach? Watch the video below where David shares handy tips and tricks for cleaning your stainless steel pan. Or simply scroll down to read the 5 cleaning tips right away.

5 cleaning tips for your stainless steel pan
Tip 1. Clean your stainless steel pan while cooking

Washing dishes is and always will be a time-consuming chore. Save time on washing up and give your stainless steel pan a little clean while you are cooking. How? Make a tasty sauce in the same pan in which you fried your crispy meat. Remove any excess fat using kitchen roll, and pour some water, stock or wine into the still-hot pan. Use a whisk or fork to stir the cooking juices loose from the pan, and you have a very quick and tasty gravy or sauce. Oh yes. Your stainless steel pan is almost clean too!

Tip 2. Clean your pan using washing-up liquid

Has your pan cooled down sufficiently? Clean it with warm water and a dish brush or scratch-free scouring pad. One big advantage of cleaning a stainless steel pan? You can use ordinary washing-up liquid.

Tip 3. Removing difficult stains

Are there any leftovers stuck to the pan? Then soak it in warm water and washing-up liquid for a few hours, or even overnight. Then pour out the water and use a scratch-free scouring pad to scrub the residues out. Again, never use a scouring pad or steel wool to avoid scratching your stainless steel pan.

Tip 4. Scrubbing with baking soda

If your pan has been damaged by heat, you can get it clean using baking soda. You remove these stubborn dirt or burn marks as follows: put a layer of water with a scoop of baking soda or vinegar in the pan, causing a paste to form. A quick scrub with a scouring pad and your stainless steel pan is as good as new again!

Tip 5. Boil out stubborn stains

Are there white spots on your pan? Or do you see some limescale? Lime or water stains are caused by minerals contained in the water. If you dry your pan well after washing up, you will find that you are less likely to suffer from these stains. Are there still stains on your stainless steel pan? Then clean your pan with some vinegar. You can even bring it to a boil with some vinegar in it. Do rinse well with water afterwards. And dry off well, of course.

Those were the tips. A lot, or was it not so bad? Your stainless steel pan might need some love. But if you look after it properly, it will give you a lifetime of cooking pleasure.