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Cleaning carbon steel pan: how to do it

19 Apr 2023

The carbon steel pan is a sustainable option when you want to cook PFAS-free. Even if you're not an experienced cook yet, you can't really mess up much with this pan. Yet cleaning is slightly different from a pan that does have a non-stick coating. We give you 5 practical tips on how to clean your carbon steel pan. As if you maintain your pan properly, it will last a lifetime.

What not to do when cleaning your carbon steel pan?

Before we give you the cleaning tips, it is equally important to know what, in particular, you should not do when cleaning your carbon steel pan.

Mistake 1. Not washing dishes by hand

Never put your carbon steel pan in the dishwasher.

Mistake 2. Using detergent

We do not recommend using washing-up liquid. This, in fact, affects the patina layer of your pan.

Mistake 3. Heat exchange too fast

Always make sure your pan has cooled down well before putting it in the water. In fact, your hot pan may warp if you place it in or under cold water.

Mistake 4. Cleaning with scouring pad

Do not use an abrasive sponge when cleaning your carbon steel pan. Your pan will not like this.

Here's how you clean your carbon steel pan

Alright, you now know what not to do with your carbon steel pan. But how do you clean it properly? Check out the video below featuring David as he cleans a carbon steel pan. Or scroll down if you're eager to dive straight into those 5 cleaning tips.

5 cleaning tips for your carbon steel pan
Tip 1. Wash your pan by hand

Always wash your pan by hand. Put a layer of water in the carbon steel pan and bring to the boil. When the water has cooled down, remove the leftover food easily using a dish brush, spatula, spoon or other items that are not so sharp.

Tip 2. Skottsberg scrub mat

Still not getting the intended result with a dishwashing brush? Then use our special scrub mat. It is made of stainless steel, making it ideal for cleaning your carbon steel pan. Caked-on food residues are easily removed and you won't damage the patina layer.

Tip 3. Salt is the carbon steel cleaner

For really stubborn food residues, salt is the solution. Throw a few generous spoonfuls of table salt into the still-hot pan. Next, grab some kitchen paper and use the salt as an abrasive with which to scrub the carbon steel pan clean. Be careful not to accidentally touch the too-hot pan.

Tip 4. Potato as sponge

Another handy little helper you probably have in the kitchen? A potato. What? Do we hear you thinking. A potato is a natural product and does not affect the patina layer of your carbon steel pan. Cut the potato in half and it works perfectly as a sponge.

Tip 5. Grease the pan with oil

After cleaning, you can grease the pan with a very thin layer of oil (not olive or nut oil) and rub it out with a paper kitchen towel. This helps against rusting. And so next time, you'll spend a little less time scrubbing to get your carbon steel pan clean.

What is the best way to store your carbon steel pan?

Your carbon steel pan is now nice and clean, but how do you store it? It is important to always store your Skottsberg pan bone-dry. In fact, just a few drops of moisture can cause your carbon steel pan to rust. Do you store your pan with the lid on? Then put a paper kitchen towel between them. Then air can circulate and your pan will stay nice longer.