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Use these tips to maintain your Skottsberg pan

6 Apr 2023

A Skottsberg pan is so strong, you'll never have to get rid of it. This is great for the environment, your pet birds, for your wallet and for the bond you and your pan will start to build. But there is a proviso: clean your pan thoroughly every time. Discover 3 handy maintenance tips that will help you enjoy your pan for a lifetime.

Tip 1. Cool properly

Let your pan cool down well before cleaning. If you hold it directly in cold water, it may warp.

Tip 2. Do not use washing-up liquid

Use warm water and a dishwashing brush or scratch-free scouring pad and no detergent. The acid in it can damage the natural non-stick coating. Or cause rusting.

Tip 3. Wash up by hand

Never put your pan in the dishwasher. Unless you have a stainless steel pan, of course. But even then, it is better for the life of your pan to wash it by hand every now and then.

Free bonus tips

Keep these tips in mind when maintaining your Skottsberg pan and you will have a lifetime of cooking pleasure from it. Whether we still have any other free bonus tips? Well, go on then. In fact, we'll give you two. That's just how we are.

Free bonus tip 1

Put your cheese slicer, puncher or souvenir from Tuscany in your pan, but don't use your pan to store food. Because that irreversibly affects the non-stick coating.

Free bonus tip 2

Do you cook with tomatoes, wine, lemon or other ingredients that are high in acids? That acid corrodes your non-stick coating. No problem, just season your pan afterwards.