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Parakeets happy with Skottsberg too

8 Mar 2023

As our pans do not have synthetic non-stick coatings, we are not only doing the environment a favour, pet birds are also dancing in their cages with gratitude. As birds can't handle the fumes released when you cook with synthetic non-stick pans.

This sensitivity is related to the fact that birds have a very efficient gas exchange. It is for this reason that geese, for example, are able to fly very high, in places where there is little oxygen. But the downside is that your beloved bird is very sensitive to toxic gases, such as aerosol propellants, but also to the gases released when you use a pan with a Teflon non-stick coating.

This characteristic of birds was also used in the past as an alarm system for miners. They kept parakeets in a cage in the mine shaft. If a bird suddenly died, it was likely that toxic gases had been released and it was important to get above ground as soon as possible. No fun for those birds, of course. The gases enter the bird's lungs and cause immediate internal bleeding. The bird will be lying on the bottom of the cage after a few minutes.

Even if you cook with Skottsberg pans: it is best to simply not put your bird in the kitchen, and when you are eating with the whole family, it is better to keep your parakeet in another room.