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Have you used your Skottsberg pan yet? You should do this before first use

10 Nov 2023

So. You just got your pan or you are eagerly awaiting this powerhouse(s). Now that you are (almost) in possession of a real Skottsberg pan, there is only one thing waiting for you: to serve a fantastic dish on the table as soon as possible. Still, you will have to have a tiny bit of patience. Because the tips and tricks below will help you make the most of your first cooking experience with a Skottsberg pan.

Check, check, double-check

That box of pan(s) in front of you has travelled the necessary distance. So open your package quickly and check that there is nothing wrong with your bought pan. If the packaging is broken, there a dent in your pan or something else is wrong, let us know and contact \us. Because we do not wish a pan with defects on anyone.

Who still reads an instruction manual?

An instruction manual? You don't need that, do you? Still, it's quite a good tip to read through the enclosed instruction manual of your Skottsberg pan. Because then you make sure your new favourite pan lasts a nice long time. Prefer to have the instruction manual at hand digitally? Everything in the instruction manual is also in this blog.

Can I finally get started?

Almost. Do you have a cast iron or carbon steel pan? We have already seasoned them for you with a vegetable oil. As a result, you can make your cooking edgy without hurting yourself. Simply rinse the cast-iron or carbon steel pan with hot water. And run a washing-up brush round it just to be sure. Above all, do not put your cast iron or carbon steel pan in the dishwasher!

Do you own a stainless steel pan? You only need to wash this pan properly for the first use as well. The pan may also be washed in the dishwasher. But it is better for your friendship to wash your pan by hand.

Seasoning? What exactly is that?

We briefly mentioned this above: our cast iron and carbon steel pans are pre-seasoned with a natural oil. This oil serves as a natural non-stick coating that you can restore over and over again by searing your cast iron or carbon steel pan. Although your pan has already been seasoned by us, true purists will prefer to season it themselves, too. This is even better, of course, because by doing so, you significantly improve the natural non-stick coating. Wondering how to season a cast iron or carbon steel pan? Then, read our blog on how to season your pan.

Note: never season a stainless steel pan!

Tips & tricks for cooking

HIt is time to get started and let loose in the kitchen with your new pan! Curious about tips and tricks for cooking? Then, read through the articles below.

Cooking with a Skottsberg pan: what to look out for?

Cooking with your Skottsberg pan for the first time needs the necessary information. Because even if you are a chef, when you handle your Skottsberg pan properly while cooking, you are guaranteed a pan for life. Because a warped pan due to heating it up too quickly is something no one wants. So, read more about cooking with a Skottsberg pan in our blog.

On which heat source can I use my pan? 

Your Skottsberg pan is an excellent conductor of heat. On which heat source can you use your pan? You can put your pan on induction or also in the oven. You can even use a cast iron or carbon steel pan on the BBQ or open fire.

How do you prevent food from sticking to a stainless steel pan? 

Cooking with a stainless steel pan without a non-stick coating can sometimes be quite challenging. This is because your food will stick to the bottom faster than with any other type of pan. A tip: make sure your food is at room temperature. Curious about more tips on how to prevent food from sticking in a stainless steel pan? Find out in our blog.

The 6 most common mistakes

Of course, by now, you have bravely read the instruction manual of your Skottsberg pan and know exactly how to use it. Yet mistakes happen more often than you might think. After all, did you know not to wash your pan too quickly? Or that you'll get rust in your pan if you don't store it bone-dry. Exactly. We thought not. So read our blog article on the 6 most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Help, I have rust in my pan

Did you accidentally put your cast iron or carbon steel pan in the dishwasher once anyway? Or did you store your pan just a little too damp? You will probably experience it at some point over time: rust in your pan. But don't panic. No need to throw away or replace your pan. With a few simple steps, you can easily remove rust from your pan and cook the most delectable dishes again.

Extend the life of your pan with these cleaning tips

A tip that applies to cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel pans alike: always wash your pan by hand to prolong its life. And where every type of hair also needs a different shampoo to get clean, the same applies to the different materials of our pans. So click on the blog article of your pan and find out the cleaning tips:

Troubled by a foul smell in your pan?

Have you applied all the cleaning tips, but an unpleasant smell remains in your pan? Discover here the ultimate tip to make sure your pan smells like roses again.