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The 6 most common mistakes with a Skottsberg pan

2 Jun 2023

You know secretly, but everyone is guilty of sometimes putting their pan in the dishwasher. This won't make your pan happy and nor will it you in the end. We are therefore sharing the 6 most common mistakes made with a Skottsberg pan. Oh yes. And how to prevent them, of course.

Mistake 1. You heat up the pan too fast

In a hurry and want to quickly cook your evening meal? Never heat your pan too quickly! This can create a thermal shock that will cause your pan to warp.

How do you prevent this?
Let your heat source reach a good temperature before putting your pan on it.

So never turn your gas cooker, induction hob, or other heat source to full power if the pan has not yet heated up.

Mistake 2. You wash the pan too quickly

Thermal shock can occur before cooking, but also after cooking. Want to quickly wash your pan? Always let it cool down well before holding it under the water. Otherwise, there will be, you guessed it, thermal shock.

How do you prevent this?
Have a chat after dinner or pour another glass of drink. In any case, let your pan cool down well before holding it in or under the water.

Mistake 3. Your pan is not dry yet

Do you have rust in your pan? This is probably because you did not dry your pan properly. Or your pan is in a damp place.

How do you prevent this?
Always make your pan bone-dry with a tea towel. Once your pan is completely dry, you can store it in a dry place.

Mistake 4. You have stains on your stainless steel pan

You won't get rust on your stainless steel pan any time soon. Stains, on the other hand, can occur. And you don't want that with such a beauty of a pan.

How do you prevent this?
Again: always dry your pan bone dry after washing up. Did you put your pan in the dishwasher? If so, water spots may appear. To avoid these, remove your pan from the dishwasher and rinse it with carbonated spring water (really!) and dry it immediately.

Mistake 5. Your meat is not at room temperature

A piece of meat that sticks to the bottom is a real pain. Nobody wants that.

How do you prevent this?
Take your food out of the fridge in time to avoid having to serve a burnt piece of meat.

Mistake 6. You are using a scouring pad

Unfortunately, the pan's natural non-stick coating has been damaged because you used a scouring pad when cleaning it. Luckily, this can be easily prevented.

How do you prevent this?
Use a dishwashing brush to clean the pan. Still not getting the right result with a dishwashing brush? Then use our special chain mail cleaner. With this you can easily remove caked-on food residue and not damage the patina layer.

Want to avoid more mistakes?

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