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5 handy tips to keep your meat from sticking

21 Mar 2023

Which do you prefer? A piece of meat that moves smoothly through your pan, or one that sticks to the bottom as a lump of misery? Exactly. That's what we thought too. That's why we will give you 5 great tips that will keep your meat from sticking.

Tip 1. Food at room temperature

Make sure you already have the things you want to prepare out of the fridge for a while. Because stuff that is at room temperature is less likely to stick.

Tip 2. Allow the pan to slowly reach temperature

Let your pan get really hot before adding oil or butter. With a stainless steel pan, you can drop a few drops of water into the pan to see if the pan is hot enough. When the droplets start dancing happily, the pan is perfectly at temperature. Do the drops evaporate slowly? Then your pan is still too cold. Did the drops disappear immediately? By then, the pan is actually too hot.

Tip 3. Use enough fat

Don't be too economical with the amount of fat you use the first few times. And add fat only when the pan is well heated. When using a stainless steel pan, also add some extra fat for protein-rich foods, or foods with flour such as eggs, pancakes and fish. Otherwise, that might stick to the bottom.

Tip 4. Pat your food dry

Make sure the food you want to cook is as dry as possible before throwing it in the pan.

Tip 5. Have patience

Does your meat stick anyway? Then don't lash out, just be nice and zen. Turn down the heat and have a chat with someone about, say, that predicament at work the other day. Because often if you wait a while, the meat will come off by itself without leaving a huge mess in your pan.

You'll never overcook your meat again

Curious how to put these tips into action? Check out the video below where David cooks a steak in a cast iron skillet.