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What heat source can you use your pan on?

29 Mar 2023

Your Skottsberg pan is an excellent conductor of heat. It is therefore ideally suited to cooking on an induction hob. But also, of course, on a gas cooker. You can even confidently put the pan in the oven, use it on the bbq or even on an open fire.

Cooking on induction?

Yes. Definitely. Your Skottsberg pan and induction hobs are close friends. But we do have some advice. Always lift your pan when moving it. So don't slide it. And wow: how quickly your Skottsberg pan gets hot. Therefore, use a low cooking setting; that pan will be hot before you've had a chance to run three laps around your house. Even with traditional cast iron, a low cooking setting is best, even though this pan does not get hot as quickly.

Can I put my pan in the oven?

What good questions you ask! Yes, your Skottsberg can just go in the oven. We didn't screw any melting parts to it. So you can fry your dish on the cooker first for a while and then put it in the oven to cook afterwards. Tasty!

Pans for the bbq

Do you love barbecuing and want to make a dish that can't be put directly on the grill? With a Skottsberg, you're in for a treat. Because our pans are good heat conductors and retain heat, they are perfect for the barbecue. So get your pan out of the kitchen, fire up the barbecue and enjoy delicious meals outdoors.

Skottsberg pans for cooking on an open flame

Liberate the cooking beast in you and go wild with frying, roasting and stewing on an open fire. Cast-iron pans are a particular favourite for primitive outdoor cooking. Make the tastiest dishes, from stews to fried fish. With the rugged look of Skottsberg pans, you have everything you need to feel what it's like to go back to basics.