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Kotibé wood is durable and strong, making it a popular material in the wood industry. The natural look and versatility of the material make it ideal for crafting furniture.

The origin

The special Kotibé wood comes from the African tree species Terminalia superba and Terminalia ivorensis. These trees grow mainly in West Africa and Central Africa and can grow up to 45 metres tall. The straight grain and somewhat coarser texture make the wood easy to work with. The wood has therefore been used for hundreds of years and used to be especially popular in shipbuilding.

The application

Kotibé wood is resistant to rot, insects and fungi, making it a durable material. Add to that its strong properties, and you have a perfect material for producing furniture, flooring, structures and decorative objects.

The advantages of Kotibé wood

The fact that Kotibé wood is mainly used in interior and exterior elements has its reasons:

  • The wood is soft, making it easy to saw, sand and drill. Ideal for creating complex and detailed furniture pieces.
  • The wood has a light brown to dark brown colour and a fine grain that gives it a nice texture. This warm look makes it well suited to many interior styles and outdoor environments.
  • Because of its durability and strength, the wood is also often used for exterior elements, such as verandas and outdoor furniture. Because it can withstand weathering well, the wood lasts a long time without being damaged.