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A marble coating pan, also called stone coating, is a non-stick pan with a coating that resembles natural stone. Thanks to this natural non-stick coating, without harmful substances such as PFAS or PFOA, you need little to no frying fats while cooking. So very healthy! Marble coating pans are also often compared to ceramic pans. The advantage of marble-coated pans over ceramic pans? The inner layer in the pan is black instead of white ceramic. This will cause the layer to discolour less visibly when frying your food. Nevertheless, due to relatively quick damage, for example from the use of metal utensils, the marble-coated pan occasionally needs to be replaced again. This makes the pan less sustainable.

Is cooking with a marble-coated pan safe?

Marble coating pans contain no harmful substances. So you can cook with confidence! This is because no toxic fumes are released when heating your marble coating pan. Also, the marble coating is 10 times stronger than a Teflon coating. So the chance of loose coating pieces is many times less. All in all, a marble-coated pan is safe for everyday use.