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Aluminium is known to be a good conductor of heat. Perfect for pans, we hear you thinking. Aluminium pans come in two types, namely pans with raw aluminium and anodised aluminium. We explain the difference below.

Pans made of raw aluminium

Because aluminium is a porous material, pans made of raw aluminium nowadays almost always have a ceramic layer or non-stick coating. Its light weight makes it an ideal pan for the novice home cook. The pans are therefore suitable for most heat sources. On the other hand, keep in mind that a raw aluminium pan can deform quickly. Are you switching from gas to induction? Then you will probably have to buy new pans.

Pans made of anodised aluminium

Adonised aluminium is processed to be as much as twice as strong as stainless steel. This allows you to bake with it at high temperatures and easily put your aluminium pan in the oven. Unlike raw aluminium, with these pans you can use acidic foods like tomatoes and lemons as normal. A major drawback of anodised aluminium pans? In many cases, they are unsuitable for induction.

Is cooking in aluminium pans bad for your health?

Studies have shown that aluminium intake can increase the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia. In fact, cooking with an aluminium pan releases small particles of aluminium. Something you'd rather not have in your body. Certain foods such as cereal products, mushrooms and spinach also contain this metal. But rest assured. You would have to cook a lot in your aluminium pan or eat food containing this metal frequently to be harmful to your health. But prevention is better than cure, right? Therefore, do not stir your aluminium pan with sharp objects, replace your pan when damaged and avoid cooking with acidic products.

Skottsberg pans with aluminium

Aluminium is and remains a good conductor of heat. You may have already seen that we do not sell aluminium pans. So does that mean that we do not use aluminium for our pans at all? No. The intermediate layer of our Stainless Steel Cookware series is made of aluminium. By coating the entire inner layer of the stainless steel pan with aluminium, heat, even up to the rim, is evenly distributed. This reduces the risk of sticking and the pans are energy-efficient.