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Maple wood, also known as maple wood, comes from the maple tree. This tree species is common in North America, Europe and parts of Asia. Because of the wood's versatility, it is widely used in the furniture industry for tabletops, bed frames, parquet flooring and cabinets, among others.

Properties of maple wood

The natural appearance of maple wood, makes it a sought-after wood species. Maple wood generally has a cream colour that turns light yellow when exposed to daylight. In contrast, the subtle wood grain gives the wood a timeless and calm look.

Maple wood is less prone to shrinking and expanding in humid temperatures. This makes it ideally suited to flooring. Maple wood compares well to oak in terms of quality. Maple wood is even slightly harder.

Durable wood

Because maple wood is a hardwood, it is highly resistant to wear, dents and scratches. As a result, your maple wood artefact will last for years. The wood is also a sustainable choice due to the rapid growth cycle of maple trees. These tree species can mature within a few years and be harvested in a sustainable manner without endangering the ecosystem.