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The unique Longan wood comes from the Longan tree. This exotic wood has rich colours and beautiful grain patterns that come to life like a painting. In this article, you will discover all about this special wood and why it is an excellent choice in the world of woodworking and interior design.

The origin of Longan wood

Longan trees (Dimacarpus longan) grow in tropical climates and are known for their fruits. These resemble eyeballs that have a sweet taste. You mainly find the trees in Southeast Asia. The wood from the trees is sourced from sustainably managed forests. This takes into account the preservation of natural habitats.

Characteristics of Longan wood

With a wide range of colours, ranging from rich red-brown tones to warm golds, Longan wood attracts immediate attention. The unique grain patterns make each piece of Longan wood unique in its own right and a work of art to look at.


Longan wood doesn't just look beautiful. It is also known for its impressive durability. This is because the wood is resistant to shrinking, warping and cracking. This makes it an excellent choice for furniture, flooring, decoration and kitchen tools such as a wooden serving board. The wood is also resistant to insects and rot, which only extends its lifespan.