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Experience the difference: a cast iron pan with or without non-stick coating

3 May 2024

Dive into the world of cast iron pans with us! Will you go for a cast iron pan with non-stick coating? Or do you prefer the robust look of a cast iron pan without non-stick coating? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Read all about it in this article!

Non-stick cast iron pans

Cooking with an uncoated cast iron pan is synonymous with cooking in its purest form. The untreated cast iron has no chemicals such as PFAS, PFOA and PTFE, making for a safe cooking experience. When a cast iron pan is unseasoned, the likelihood that foods will stick is high. That is why all cast iron pans from Skottsberg have already been pre-seasoned twice, resulting in a 100% natural non-stick coating. This non-stick coating contains no harmful substances and provides the non-stick quality. Plus point: by properly maintaining your non-stick cast iron pan and re-seasoning it with a natural oil, it will last a lifetime if used correctly.


  1. Cooking without chemicals such as PFAS.
  2. Lifelong cooking enjoyment with proper use and maintenance.
  3. The more often you use a cast iron pan with natural non-stick coating, the better it gets.


  1. Untreated cast iron needs seasoning to maintain its non-stick surface.
  2. The pans are more susceptible to rust.
  3. Acidic foods like tomatoes can damage the protective layer of an uncoated cast iron pan.
Cast iron pans with non-stick coating

Are you a fan of convenience in the kitchen? Then a non-stick cast iron pan is your new best friend. These coated cast iron pans prevent food from sticking to the bottom, making cooking and cleaning a lot easier. Best of all, these pans do not need seasoning. Maintaining them is simple leaving you more time to enjoy your culinary creations. In short, one less thing to worry about and added convenience when cooking!


  1. A coated cast iron pan doesn't need any specialist maintenance such as pre-seasoning.
  2. Thanks to the smooth coating, you won't have to put much effort into cleaning the pan.
  3. The coating protects against rust.


  1. At high temperatures, the coating can damage or break down and bits of chemicals may get into your food.
  2. Scratches can occur quite quickly when using metal utensils, which will damage the coating.
  3. If the coating is damaged, you'll likely need a new pan.
Are you ready for a pan that will last a lifetime?

A non-stick cast iron pan is chemical-free and a sustainable choice. Are you convinced yet? Then take a look at our range of cast iron pans. We have already pre-seasoned these pans twice for you with a natural oil, so you can get straight on with it in the kitchen.

Discover Skottsberg cast iron pans
Get the most out of your non-stick cast iron pan

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