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The 5 most frequently asked questions about Tung oil

7 Jun 2023

When you choose our serving or chopping boards, Tung oil cannot be missing. Tung oil? What is it? As far as we are concerned, it is the best natural way to finish our boards. We have therefore already coated all serving and chopping boards with two coats of Tung oil. Not quite clear what it is yet? Then read on.

What is Tung oil?

Tung Oil, or "Chinese wood oil", is made from the seeds of the Tung tree and has been used in Asia for more than 2,000 years for finishing wooden ships, among other things. As the oil dries, it soaks into the wood and makes it water-repellent. Without discolouring it in the process. It livens up your wood and gives it a really lovely matt finish. Want to know more about Tung oil? Then read our knowledge base article.

Can you also make salad dressing from Tung oil?

Our Tung oil is a sustainable, purely natural, food-safe oil. Just because it is food-safe does not mean you can consume it. So above all, do not use the oil as salad dressing. In contrast, you can confidently cut food or serve some goodies on a board that has been smeared with Tung oil.

The oil has turned cloudy. What can you do?

Simple: let the oil come to room temperature and shake the bottle. Easy isn't it?

Is Tung oil dangerous?

As with many other oils, a cloth containing Tung oil can fester. Theoretically, such a cloth could then even catch fire. Therefore, always let that cloth dry thoroughly before storing it, or store it in a sealed tin or under water.

Is the oil dangerous for children?

As we mentioned, the oil is food-safe. Both for you, and your children. But do store the bottle out of the reach of children. Promise?