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At Skottsberg, we believe that a pan is not a disposable item, but a friend with whom you will experience new adventures and enjoy life. We want your Skottsberg to fit you like your favorite worn-out trainers. A Skottsberg is personal, a pan for what a pan is meant to be: cooking your favorite dishes. Whether you use it on an open fire, in the oven or on a cooker. And whether you're an expert or a first-time baker, there's a Skottsberg for every cook.

Maybe adventure means learning new things? Is the kitchen still unknown territory for you? Do you want to serve your friends a hearty meal? Take our carbon steel pan and rise to the challenge. You can't go wrong; cooking will be the most fun you've ever had. Especially if you have a nice IPA to go with it.

Or does adventure mean backpacking in the wilderness to you? Putting your footsteps where there are no footsteps yet? Back to the essence, back to basics. Then finish your day with one of our Cast Iron pans. They're so robust and hard-wearing that you can simply put them in open fire to cook your home-caught fish.

Or maybe you want to expand your cooking skills? Is that your challenge? Your adventure? Ask for one of our stainless-steel pans for your birthday, get everyone and everything out of the kitchen and live it up! Dare to fail! Experiment with the ultimate pan and serve your guests ever more delicious food.

Buying a Skottsberg means choosing a sustainable product. Our pans have no synthetic non-stick coating. So, when your meat is simmering in a Skottsberg, you can breathe in the fumes with confidence. What's more, because our non-stick coating is made from natural oil, your kitchen smells good just from warming it up. And sustainability, in our eyes, also means that a product must last. And that's what a Skottsberg does! If you take good care of your pan, it will grow older than you. Even better: a Skottsberg is like an American old-timer. The more you use it, the better it gets.

With a Skottsberg, you get yourself a pan for life…

Our inspiration: Johan Carl Skottsberg

An endless grey plain, the wind cuts past the expedition members' faces. Hours of ploughing through the snow has left them chilled to the bone. But they persevere. And after a harsh journey of hours through an all-freezing blizzard, they finally reach base camp with frozen toes and dangling icicles in their beards. There, a delicious hot meal awaits them.

It is the early 20th century when expeditions are launched from different countries to learn more about Antarctica. Sweden also sends out a group of men to research this still unknown continent under harsh conditions. Among them is then 21-year-old Carl Johan Skottsberg (1880-1963). He is a botanist, and his job is to investigate everything that grows in Antarctica. With success: in his career, he manages to discover as many as 250 new species. He does not only do this in the cold South Pole: between 1907 and 1909, he leads an expedition to the Falkland Islands and Patagonia in search of new plant and moss species.

Skottsberg is a traveller, an explorer. A man with an untamed interest in everything around him, someone who seeks adventure, curious about what is growing and flourishing further afield. In his life, he visits every continent at least once, visiting places like Easter Island, Hawaii, Sri Lanka, Java, New Zealand, and Argentina. Of course, he can only do that with the best resources available at the time. His equipment must be able to last a lifetime.

At Skottsberg, we want to go back to that thought: a utilitarian item should be able to face extremes without breaking down immediately. Because we want you to be able to go on adventures and discover new things with the best possible equipment. And whether you're braving Antarctica or going on an expedition in your own kitchen: Skottsberg pans are suitable for any voyage of discovery.