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SKOTTSBERG® cast-iron pans are all you need to get back to basics. They're strong enough to be used on open fires: go ahead and bake, roast, and stew. Free the cooking beast in you.

Do you need a slightly less adventurous setting? We don't mind at Skottsberg. You can always use these cast-iron pans on a gas or induction cooker. Or are you preparing a dish from the oven? No problem for these indestructible powerhouses.



Our pans from the Carbon Steel Cookware series are real workhorses: they can withstand very high temperatures and are so robust that you won't be able to do without them for some time. Because they have undergone extensive heat treatment, the metal is extremely strong: it can resist rust and scratches better than any other pan. It's no coincidence that chefs in top restaurants love this type of cookware, precisely because it's so versatile.



All SKOTTSBERG® pots and pans are distinguished by their durability. These stainless-steel pans are no exception. If you take good care of them, you can include them in your inheritance.

It's a tri-ply pan. That means it is made of three different layers of metal. Sandwiched between two layers of high-quality stainless steel is a layer of aluminium, a metal that conducts heat extremely well. As a result, the pan not only heats up very quickly, but the heat is also evenly distributed on all sides of the pan. And because the three layers are together no less than 2.5 millimetres thick, it will not warp.