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Because that great serving board you have in front of you has already been treated with two coats of Tung oil at the sawmill, you can use it right away. That oil has been absorbed deep into the wood and makes the board water repellent and super strong. We do have a few tips to help you keep your board as beautiful as it is now. 

1. I've had my plank for a while now. Can I re-coat it? 

Yes, you can! You will need Tung oil and it is best to follow these steps.

Step 1: Sanding
Lightly sand the surface of the board and then dust it. 

Step 2: Rubbing
Take a lint-free cloth and rub the oil onto the board. Preferably wear protective gloves while doing so. 

Step 3: Repeat
Remove the excess oil, wait for an hour, and repeat the rubbing. 

Step 4: Waiting
The plank needs to dry thoroughly. This takes a few hours but leave it for a day to be sure. 

Step 5: Storing Oil
Tung oil dries out if it encounters oxygen. Therefore, seal the bottle very tightly and store it in a dark place. 

2. You guys talk about Tung oil all the time. What is that stuff? 

Our Tung oil is a sustainable, purely natural, food-safe oil. As the oil dries, it soaks into the wood and makes it water repellent. Without discoloring the wood in the process. As far as we are concerned, it is the best natural way to finish wood. It makes your wood look alive and gives it a very nice matte finish. 

3. Can I also make salad dressing from Tung oil?

No. Tung oil is not suitable for consumption. 

4. The oil has become cloudy, what can I do?

Simple: let the oil come to room temperature and shake the bottle. Easy, right? 

5. Shouldn't you warn me about something else?

That's right! As with many other oils, a cloth containing Tung oil can become soggy. Theoretically, such a cloth could even catch fire. Therefore, always let the cloth dry thoroughly before storing it, or store it in a sealed can or under water. 

6. Any other important things? 

Yes, keep this bottle out of reach of children. Promise? 

7. Okay promised. But about that plank. My brother Jelle has one too. But it looks a bit different. How can that be? 

That's the great thing about our serving platters: no two are alike. That is because we love the natural shape of the wood we make them from. We keep it intact as much as possible.